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Strength. Determination. Clarity. Discipline.


aathi silambam

Aathi Silambam Martial Arts Academy is a registered not-for-profit organization founded by Aasan Pathmakumar Velummylum with the aim of popularizing the Tamil Martial Art and help people experience transformation in physical, mental, and energy dimensions.



Welcome to Aathi Silambam Martial Arts Academy. Breaking down the name, Aathi Silambam: "Aathi" means "original" and "Silambam" means "bamboo staff martial art". We are pleased to offer our traditional martial art silambam to the community. Ours is the first and only school of this style of martial art in Canada.  We offer classes maintaining the authenticity of the art, adapting the teaching methodologies to suit Canadian children & adults. These powerful practices help individuals gain health, improve concentration, memory, intelligence, agility, alertness, sense of timing, peace of mind, intuition, joy, self-defense, discipline, and self-governance. For the benefit of the participants, we have incorporated selected yoga practices that help condition the body, mind, and energy to aid the learning process.


Peraasan Sothisivam Nataraja

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Aaasan Pathmakumar Velummylum

Tamil martial arts, one of the most ancient form of fighting techniques, is rich in the science of combat involving hand-to-hand (Kuttu-Varisai), footwork (Kaal-adimaanam), and weapons. Various aspects of this five thousand year-old art have been handed down as part of family tradition.

Aasaan Pathmakumar hails from one such family from the brave soil of Valvettithurai, Tamil Eelam (Northern Province of Current Sri Lanka), which trained in locks (Pootu-Pirivu), pressure-points (Marmam-Adi),and weapons such as bamboo staff (Silambam) and deer antlers (Maduvu). At an early age, his training was initiated by his grand father Sivasubramaniyam Thandaiyal (a famous sailor in the early 1900s), his father Velummylum, his paternal aunt and uncle on the proud soil of Tamil Eelam. Dedication, love and inclination towards the traditional martial arts allowed him to quickly master the fundamental skills and readied him for advanced training.

Under the guidance of Grand Master SothiSivam Nataraja, Aasaan Pathmakumar undertook rigorous training and pursued specialization of five major styles, namely Marukkanam, Thulukkanam, Paniyeri Mallan, Karnataka Varisai, and Kuravanji. Earning the faith of Grand Master SothiSivam Nataraja and proving his prowess on the various styles and weapons such as silambam, dagger (Kathi), sword (Vaal), maduvu, and flexibile-sword (SurulVaal), Aasaan Pathmakumar was asked by his teacher to take the unbreakable vow to uphold honour of this powerful art before being revealed to the closely guarded secrets of the Tamil martial arts.

Realizing the tremendous potential of this art to uplift the human psyche, Aasaan Pathmakumar was inspired to establish the Aathi Silambam Martial Arts Academy. Over the span of thirty-two years, he has dedicated himself to carry forward this ancient art and has trained approximately a thousand students. Transformation of his students in terms of improved strength, stamina, speed, sharpness, self-confidence, stoicism, and self-control motivates him to uphold and spread this art.

Aasaan Pathmakumar’s efforts have been contributory towards the revival of the ancient Tamil martial arts and creating a cultural identity for the Canadian Tamil community.



Amazing environment,great instructor( Pathman Asaan).I speak from my own experience this is a great place to learn silabam the most prominant Tamil martial art form.It is instructed in a step by step manner so it makes it easier to learn.

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Best place to learn silambam. I would recommend going here if you want to learn silambam properly.

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The benefits from practicing silambam here far surpassed my expectations. Through these classes, my overall posture was improved and I am able to be at my best physical shape and health. 

aathi silambam



Tel:      416 556 6130


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